Accessing INTRA with

You can use myGovID to connect to INTRA..

Before you can use your myGovID for these purposes, the principal authority of the business will need to set up their myGovID and link the business in Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM). Once the business is linked, the principal authority can set up your authorisation to work on behalf of the business.

Information for using your myGovID to access INTRA:
  1. Check if your operating system and browsers are compatible with myGovID on the myGovID website.
  2. Click the myGovID Login button below to be redirected to the myGovID Login page.
  3. Once you have authenticated with myGovID, you will be able to select an ABN that you can act on behalf of within INTRA. Then you will be redirected to INTRA.
  4. Once you access INTRA via myGovID, you will have a 25 minutes session of access before being logged out. At which point you will need to sign in via myGovID again for further 25 minutes session.
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If you do not want to use your myGovID, click on the Back to INTRA Login Page button below.